Common Problems

Our numbers: 605-615-5700, 605-615-5650, toll free 1-833-444-2428

If your phone number is blocked, please make sure you have given us your phone number so we can try to unblock it. If, in the past, you asked for your number to be blocked, the phone company will NOT unblock it. In order to reach The Premium Chat Line, your number – Caller ID- cannot be blocked by you or your local phone company.

Please make sure you are not blocking your caller ID when calling in, as this will automatically block you.

All VoIP based (internet) (Google, Skype, Magic Jack, etc.) phone companies block access to all chat lines. Some companies (T-Mobile and related companies) charge a 1-cent per minute surcharge. They keep the entire penny as a telephone surcharge. More and more companies are blocking access to chat lines as company policy.

If you want to block your number, call into the free chatline, 605-615-5700. When the computer asks you to dial the ‘7’ button, to accept our terms of service, DEPRESS THE 9 BUTTON INSTEAD and follow the directions.

If you are calling about the chatline being down we are aware of the situation and working to fix it. We monitor the lines 24/7 and would be aware of any problem.

For legal matters contact us by selecting “contact us” from the customer service menu at the top of the page.

Charges made for chatline purchases will appear as a charge to Folic Phone on your credit card statement.