Private Conference Rooms

Create private conference rooms for you and your friends. Block abusive callers. Here’s how:

Enter any conference room.

Pick any 3-digit code and share the same code with your trusted friends. This 3-digit code is  the room key to your private  room.

After you’ve exchanged the three digit room key, all of your trusted friends who want to talk in private should dial the star button, followed by the three digit room key number, followed by  the # key.

For Example: * 1 2 3 #

 Follow the directions given to you by the computer.

The computer is removing everyone with the same secret 3-digit room key and placing them in a new private conference room. Only users who enter the same 3-digit room key will be placed in the new private conference room. 

It may take up to 30-seconds for everyone to enter the private room.

 Soon all of your friends who wanted to join you in private will be in the same room as you.

To exit the secret room, dial Operator and you’ll be returned  back to the main menu for conference rooms. 

The user who created the secret conference room has no special powers or features.