Customer Service Issues

Expired Membership.
My Auto Renew Membership Says “It Has Expired”
We tried to renew your membership but the bank declined to approve the sale so your membership has expired.

Check the expiration date of your credit card to make sure it has not expired. And that you have enough funds available to cover the charge. To re-join the chatline, just purchase a new membership. 

How to Cancel Auto Renew?

See “Customer Service” on the top of the main page. Click on it. A menu which says “contact us/auto renew” will appear. Fill out the form and send it to us. You must include your 10-digit phone number, your full name and e-mail address. You can cancel for any reason at anytime but there are no refunds.

Check Your Caller ID If You Are Blocked.
Make sure your caller ID is turned on. If it is turned off the chat line will not work and will say you  are blocked. If this does not work, contact customer service.

You must always call the chat line from the number you placed your order from. Otherwise the call won’t go thru. We cannot change your number if you get a new number or if you move. That includes calling 833-444-2428, 605-615-5650, 605-615-5700 To change your number you will have to purchase  a new membership calling from your new number. There are no refunds.

If you find yourself unable to call the chatline because your number is blocked contact customer service.
However first make sure your credit card is valid  and it is not beyond the expiration date. If you are on auto renew and your card has expired you will be blocked. Also make sure your Caller ID is turned ON. If your caller ID is turned off you will be blocked. 

How will charges appear on my credit card bill?
Charges made for chatline purchases will appear as a charge to Folic Phone on your credit card statement. All sales are final. There are no refunds. 

Are you tired of the phone company blocking access to your favorite chatlines? 

Outraged that the phone company says you can call anywhere, anytime for unlimited minutes, except chatlines! We are too. So that is why we took action. We are leasing our own phone lines and making them unblockable.
The cost is just a few pennies a minute, but you’re guaranteed access to the chat line.

Some small cellular companies will place a limit of 2,000 minutes per month for calling anywhere. So remember that when using the chatline. You might have a 2,000 minute monthly cap on your total cellular bill.

Here is how our toll free “833”  chatline works: 

You buy a block of time, 3-hours, 5-hours, etc and you can call us as often as you want, talk as long as you want during the period of time that you have bought.
You have 3-months to use up all your time.
There are no commercials or long instruction messages.
No charges will appear on your phone bill since you are calling a toll free number. We accept, Visa®/MasterCard®/Discover® among others.
 To order or call the unblockable  chatline dial: 1-833-444-2428. It is a toll free number.

To block your number you must do the following:  

To place a permanent block, call the chat line. When the computer answers and asks you to enter the ‘7’ button, enter the ‘9’ button instead and follow the directions. 

Phone Company Fees.
Some  VoIP based (internet) (Google, Skype, Magic Jack, etc.) phone companies block access to all chat lines or they place a time limit on how often/or long you can talk. Some companies (T-Mobile and related companies) charge a 1-cent per minute surcharge. They keep the entire penny as a telephone surcharge. More and more companies are blocking access to chat lines as company policy.

Legal Matters:
For legal matters contact us by selecting “contact us” from the customer service menu on the main page.  Law Enforcement Agencies should email us via our contact us form for information on how to serve legal papers to obtain information. For legal matters contact us by selecting “contact us” from the customer service menu at the top of the page.  We do NOT provide calling data to private parties, individuals, or private detectives. So please don’t ask. It is illegal.

How does the  chat line work?

When Callers Call The Free Chat Line,They First Hear a Brief Commercial Message from One of our Advertisers. Then Callers Are Asked to Record A Brief Message About Themselves. Then All Callers Hear The Messages Recorded By All The Other Callers. They Can Send Recorded Messages Back And Forth Or Connect Live in a “One on One” Conversation. When you hang up, your outgoing message is automatically erased. The free chat line also has pre-recorded personals. The free chat line also has the confessional where callers confess their secret sins.
You Remain  Anonymous.
You Can Also Block Callers By Depressing the ‘5’ Key. The free chat line strips all caller ID information so no one can get your phone number unless you tell them.

For Most Callers to the Free Chat Line, we are a free call.

 But CHECK WITH YOUR LOCAL PHONE COMPANY to make sure. (T-Mobile charges a 1-cent per minute surcharge to calls to the free chatline and keeps that money.) Remember you use the Free Chat Line at your own risk. Any action you take is strictly at your own peril. You agree to indemnify, defend and hold us harmless.